Complaint Sites
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Complaint Sites

Here's a link to the BMO Harris Mortgage Brokers Lie website explained in The Resentful Consumer book.

The Resentful Consumer front Cover

A few of the many sites where you can post complaints:

A Warning

There are other sites - but a quick warning. A lot of review sites are actually lead generation sites. For example my3cents.com seems to have affiliate links to the companies they review. In my opinion, they are not a real review or complaint site. Instead the business model seems to be to sell poor products by explaining away complaints, and showcase better products by surrounding them with poor products.

Consider Consumer Reports magazine. They review products they bought with their own money. Their money comes from selling magazine subscriptions. When Consumer Reviews talks about the quality of a vacuum cleaner, it's not because they work for the vacuum cleaner manufacturer. You can trust what they say.

When you go to a website, try to figure out how they get paid.

Years ago I wrote a review of a company called Salehoo. Salehoo promised eBay sellers deals on products when you purchased their list. In almost all their products I found the same products for sale on ebay for elss than the Salehoo price.

When I posted my review online Salehoo sued me for trademark violation and defamation. The judge threw the trademark complaint out immediatly, and the defamation complaint was tossed after Salehoo failed to point out specific false statements I'd made.

After losing the lawsuit, Salehoo then went about a multi-year campaign to push SalehooSucks down in search results. They created hundreds of fake review sites. Almost all of these sites are affiliate sites hoping for a commission.

So watch out for reviews and complaint sites that are really just bafter a commission.

Terry Gibbs
July 18th, 2023

PS Want to have some fun? My SalehooSucks.com site is not on the front poage of Google anymore. If you use Twitter or FaceBook post a link, and help push it back to the front page.

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