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The Resentful Consumer

A resentment is the memory of a wrong reminding us to avoid those businesses in the future.

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Please note that I sometimes go days without reading my email or checking my phone messages. If you don't hear back from me within 4 days, drop me another note.

Postal mail address:

Iwantcollectibles LLC
3324 E ray Road #34
Higley, AZ 85236

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Note: All communications sent to Terry Gibbs may be posted online along with your name and geographic location. Questions will be edited only for punctuation and grammar. If you don't want your name posted on the website, please note this in your email and I'll substitute a pen name for you. I will not use pen names for people who are rude or obnoxious.

If all you have to complain about is the bank, your life must be pretty good.

Media Information

Want to interview me? Send an email to the above link. I have experience doing radio, TV, internet and print interviews. Much experience. I will only do LIVE TV appearances. I'll do podcasts too, but I do not have any special equipment.

A photo of the dog because I heard websites need pictures.

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